4 Outdoor Upgrades to Make to Your Home ASAP

Most homeowners focus all their time and energy on ensuring that the interior of their home is expressive of their style and looking good, while unknowingly neglecting to give the same care and attention to their exterior.

Given that a house’s exterior is what other people notice first, it seems foolish not to work on it as well.

In fact, the right exterior updates can make your home a lot more valuable as they enhance your property’s appearance and appeal, and even provide practical benefits. Read on to learn about four outdoor upgrades you can perform on your home ASAP.

1. Your front door

When talking about necessary outdoor upgrades, your front door is a perfect place to start. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners neglect to maintain their entranceway and overlook the need to make cosmetic changes to the front of their house.

This is a shame, considering that your front door, with its stick-on house numbers, is one of the first things a visitor sees in your abode that can leave an impression.

If you want to upgrade your front door, but you are on a budget, consider painting the existing door (either in a shade similar to the current color, or with a bright color for something bolder).

Alternatively, look to replace your current door with an energy-efficient door that will not only provide you with a more impressive entranceway, but will also work to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

2. Your exterior lighting

Exterior lighting is not only proven to hinder thieves, but also produces an enchanting ambience in your garden.

One of the great things about choosing to change up your outdoor lighting is that you can choose from a wide array of options on the market. You should always have adequately lit entryways to improve the safety of your home, as well as its allure.

For a more contemporary look, consider stylish yet practical lighting solutions such as motion lights or low-voltage landscape options. Alternatively, you may need a hanging light at your front door, recessed lighting for the garage, or extensive lights to illuminate your patio.

2. Your exterior lighting

3. Your letterbox

Letterboxes are another part of outdoor landscaping that tend to get forgotten and are often rarely replaced. However, upgrading your mailbox isn’t solely about fulfilling your aesthetic preferences (although that is part of it); it is also a safety concern.

Since your letterbox should be considered a part of your home’s security system, it should make you feel just as comfortable with the level of protection it offers as you are with the other security features you have installed.

When looking at different letterbox models for sale, ensure you are paying attention to materials and choosing the one that will be able to withstand the elements and last a long time.

Generally, the most robust letterbox materials are metal, stone, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. However, whichever material you opt for, consider how it is going to look with the rest of your exterior and the architecture of your house.

4. Your garage door

Similar to the front door, your garage door can be upgraded relatively cheaply while also bringing significant benefits to you as a homeowner.

As garage doors play a substantial part in showcasing the curb appeal of your home, by updating it, you can add a tremendous amount of style and value to your house. This can be beneficial if you are looking to put your home on the market, and it can also be done for your own enjoyment.

One of the easiest ways to update your garage door is by using a stain to create a faux wood effect. This is particularly beneficial for old doors that have been worn down by the sun. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more innovative, opt to install a carriage door-style one that swings outwards.

Are you considering making any exterior upgrades over the next few months? If so, let us know what you are planning! If not, have you now been tempted?

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