Summer is here and you might be looking for some junk removal tips. Maybe you just bought a home or perhaps you’re doing a little post construction cleaning. Whatever the case, you are certainly in the right place.

Summer is a time for new beginnings and fun in the sun. You don’t need your unwanted junk weighing you down! Keep reading to get some tips for getting that stuff out.

Tip #1: Work in small areas

Pick one area to start and finish that area before you move onto the next. If you clean a few things out of the garage and then move to your bedroom you’re going to get disorganized and discouraged. If cleaning and organizing is difficult for you it may be helpful to start with a very small area to get the ball rolling. You could focus on just getting the silverware drawer cleaned and then you might just be hooked enough to tackle the whole basement the next day!

Tip #2: Do a little each day

Now here’s a great junk removal tip. Just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference! Make a list of all of the areas that need to be cleaned and organized and make sure you work on one of them each and everyday (or week). This will help you to stay motivated. It will also help to make the tasks seem more manageable. Spending an entire day cleaning the garage might be great but it also may be unmanageable, especially in the summer heat!

Tip #3: Deal with large items first

Once you pick an area to work on, remove the largest items that you know you don’t want first. If you have an old couch in your garage that you already know needs to go, removing it first will make everything else easier. Getting those big items out will make it much easier to move around and sort through the smaller things. Purging a few big items right off the bat can also be incredibly motivating and help you to accomplish more.

Tip #4: Develop a sorting system

Finding a way to sort items is key and it can be done in several ways. The simplest and most effective method (in my opinion) is just piles. You can have a pile for things to keep, one for things to toss, one for things to donate, and ones for things you’re unsure about. Getting a visual on what you’re doing with each item is incredibly helpful. Other systems that you could use include list keeping, sticky notes, and boxes. Whatever works for you is great!

Tip #5: Ask yourself if you like it or you need it

Sometimes, we develop attachments to items that no longer serve us. Maybe that beach chair reminds you of good times or maybe you feel bad selling that bike that you never rode. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes we hold onto things for no good reason. The best way to tackle this phenomena is to ask yourself whether you like an item or if you need an item.

A great rule of thumb to use here is to ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last year. If you haven’t used it in the last year then chances are you won’t use it this year. It may actually be more wasteful to let that tent sit in your attic unused for 5 more years then to donate it to someone who will actually use it!


Free yourself to have fun this summer and get rid of that junk! Summer is a great time to start anew, let go of some of those tattered items and let someone else give them a great home. Hopefully, these tips helped you to start your summer right .

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