Turning Your Garage Into A Man Cave 101

Having your own space for hobbies or simply to relax is important. If you have unused space in the garage, it may be time to fix it up and convert it into something worthwhile. To help get you started, here are a few tips on creating a stylish man cave in the garage.

There are a lot of benefits in having your own space. While a man cave or she shed may seem to be nothing more than a place to escape, the psychological advantages go beyond what meets the eye. Studies show places such as these may provide a sense of control as well as a sense of purpose. Whether the space is being used to unwind from the stress of the day or to pursue a hobby, special interest or even start a business, it helps fulfill our deeper psychological needs.

Before just mounting a TV and calling it a day, it’s best to come up with a solid plan for the space. You need to assess the area and determine if any big changes are needed first. For instance, if the region where you reside gets cold, you’ll need to consider additional insulation and heating options. Insulation — such as drywall or high-quality paneling — could also help with soundproofing if you intend to practice an instrument or turn the volume up for the big game.

Along the same lines is the comfort of the space. Most garages have a concrete floor that makes lounging around cold and uncomfortable. To fix this, consider laying down functional flooring or possibly subflooring. Fortunately, there are a lot of options, such as adding padding and carpet on top or installing epoxy flooring or a waterproof, 100% polyurea floor sealant.

Once you have a plan to make the space more habitable, it’s time to clear away the clutter and clean it up. Getting the desired results often works best with a clean slate, so this step is not one you want to skip. Be sure to keep organization in mind as well, not just for the items you already store in the garage, but new ones for the man cave as well. You can invest in overhead storage racks, durable work benches for all your tools or a few cabinets to organize all the odds and ends.

Now that you have a good idea of what the space has to offer, you’ll want to come up with a theme or general aesthetic for the finished product. It could become a sports oasis, retro gaming zone or even a rustic retreat. The possibilities are endless! Keep this desired look in mind as you procure furniture, decorations and other accessories for the leisurely escape of your dreams. Lastly, don’t forget to have a refreshments area and comfortable seating, since they’re iconic features for the perfect man cave!

Want more ideas on how to create a stylish man cave? Check out the accompanying resource!

Infographic provided by White Rabbit, experts on garage flooring systems Chicago
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