Window treatments are always necessary in your home. With many different options and various styles, each one comes with its own set of benefits and purpose. Whether its privacy, light filtering or purely aesthetics, it’s kind of hard to imagine a home without window coverings. Depending on your living situation, you need to consider the best option for your home. Blinds are a common type of covering that many are familiar with. Having been around for many years and considered a staple in ones home, they’ve evolved over time and their are many different styles. Sometimes the blinds we have need replacing for numerous reasons such as maybe they’re a little outdated, worn or maybe a little unsafe for your pets and children. Here, we’ll go over some factors for your consideration. You never know, you might need to start shopping for new blinds soon.

What’s the average lifespan of blinds?

Most blinds will last you a couple of years but this depends a couple of things, like quality and what they’re made of. Some materials fair better than others in certain situations and some are just more durable in general. Wood blinds could last around a decade but you’d want to be careful as to where you hang them. In a kitchen, for example, heat and changes in temperature might cause them to warp. Aluminum lasts just as long but will rust if not looked after. Cleaning your blinds is a must, at least once a week. Trends and fashions change and we all love a beautiful home so that’s another factor, you might just want to keep things up to date, style wise. Whatever the agenda, blinds should last years. Here’s a list of sign to look out for.

Fading and Yellowing

Blinds that have white slats will eventually turn a yellowish color, that’s usually due to the suns uv rays. They’ll also start to show stains and dust. Even colored panels will lose their exuberance after years of exposure to the sun. When slats lose their color, it may be a sign they need to be replaced.

Bends and Cracks

As mentioned before, all materials fair differently, Wear and tear happens all the time. Wood can chip and start to mold, especially in humid conditions. Aluminum blinds can bend. It’s a common problem that occurs. If any of this happens, it’s a good idea to start shopping around for new blinds.

Lifting and lowering isn’t easy

If you’re having some trouble lifting or lowering your blinds. It could possibly be due to the mechanism being faulty. If the pulling mechanism is in fact broken it could be become a potential hazard in the home especially if you have kids or pets. It’s highly recommended you replace these ASAP.

Old Cords

With regular use over a long period of time, the cord used to lower or lift your blinds might tend to fray. We’ve seen it happen many times. If the cord breaks, you run the risk of hurting someone in your home. To avoid such a situation in your home, consider replacing these blinds.

So, there we have it. These are a couple of factors to consider when you know you’ve had your blinds for a long while and are wondering as to whether they need changing. However, if none of these things apply to your current blinds situation and you’re still contemplating changing them, then why not? Change is good and adding something new and modern to your home is always a fun way to add some flare to an old space. Window treatments offer so much! Go for it!

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