We get it. Sometimes, getting ready for the holidays can feel like a drag. You might be bored of decorating or simply don’t have the motivation. It’s time to think outside the box, get creative, and put a fresh spin on tradition. Let’s look at five fun and unique ways from the creative team at Radikal Neon® to add spice to your holiday decorations this year.

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Most people enjoy the look of a Christmas tree after it’s up and decorated, but if you’re not feeling up to putting one up, you’re not alone. A tree is usually one of the largest holiday decorations, and it can be a lot of work to set up and take down, not to mention keep alive if you opt for a live tree. You can still celebrate the season without dragging pine needles through your house or up four flights of stairs to your apartment. Consider these alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree:

  • A mini Christmas tree can be natural or artificial, but it takes up less than half the space. With a smaller tree, you can showcase your favorite ornaments from throughout the year, and it’s an excellent chance to donate or trash any that don’t have special meaning or are broken.
  • You can make your own pegboard Christmas tree pretty quickly or purchase one from a local craftsperson. A pegboard tree is excellent for people that don’t have a lot of floor space because it can be hung vertically on the wall.
  • We know it sounds a little Charlie Brown, but there’s nothing wrong with using what you already have. If you have a lot of potted plants in your home or even a tree, consider adding some lights and baubles to give it some holiday cheer.
  • A neon light Christmas tree is a great way to share your cheer with the neighborhood. Placed in a window, you’ll still spread the joy of the holiday without wasting too much space or time. You can buy cute holiday neon signs, or design your own neon tree.

You can still have Christmas without a traditional tree. You might just have to get a little creative!

Pick a Fun Theme

Who said you have to go with traditional holiday colors? Mix it up and pick a theme for your Christmas or Hanukkah decor. If choosing a theme still feels overwhelming, start with one item (say, a favorite ornament) and draw inspiration for colors from it. Winter wonderland? Snowmen? Starry night? Rustic chic, even Christmas at the beach. It’s your house, your rules.

Choosing a theme can make shopping and decorating easier as it narrows the focus. Making your house festive for the holidays is fun when you find a style you like and are passionate about.

Throw Pillows Instead of Snow Balls

Throw pillows are a great inexpensive way to make your decor tie into a seasonal theme without much work. You can purchase slipcovers to go directly over what you are already using. You can pack them away for next year at the end of the holiday season. Want a craft to do with the kids? No-sew throw pillows in themed colors or prints are easy and fun. Throw pillows add a touch of coziness to your home decor, which is especially nice if you are hosting friends and family this year.

Custom LED Neon Lights

We’ve come along with holiday lights. You no longer have to settle for boring rope lights that are guaranteed to break after one season. Custom LED neon lighting allows you to show your spirit from inside your home.

Neon signs and lights don’t take up a lot of space and are easy to pack away after the New Year. They come in fun shapes like snowmen, menorahs, and wreaths and or you can even create your own custom neon signs to perfectly match your holiday decor. Neon lights let you enjoy the festivities without wasting time or money. Hang your neon in an exterior window and avoid standing outside on a ladder in the cold.

Sign Designed by Radikal Neon®

We hope some of these fresh ideas from Radikal Neon® have helped get you into the holiday spirit. Just because you’re not feeling enthusiastic doesn’t make you a grinch! This year, you may need something new and unique to get your jingle bells going. Whether picking a fun theme or adding some fun neon signs, your holiday will surely be a little bit brighter this year!

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