6 Surprising Benefits of Using Himalayan Salt Lamps at Home or Office

Today, life is full of technologies and advancements. Electrosmog and pollutants demonstrate the darker side of this fact. As positive but harmful energy which exists in the air can be controlled by beneficial negative energy. Western countries truly consider the significance if negative ions. As they integrate negative ionizers in their toothbrushes to the air conditioners. Indeed, there’s a great difference between artificial and natural negative ionizers. Well, the next query knocks the mind; if natural ionizers really work then wants the best source?

Well, visiting a scenic site rejoices mind and body and credit goes to natural negative ionizers like waterfalls, beaches, mountains, and greenery. But how can be it possible to add their influence in our everyday life! One of the best solutions is the piece of a beneficial rock which is nonother than Himalayan salt rock. You may go for multiple Himalayan salt products and the top one is Himalayan pink salt lamps.

Now, let’s highlight the significance of salt lamp made of real Himalayan salt. As the second largest Himalayan salt mine is found in Khewra, Pakistan; so it must be preferred that you buy a salt Lamp from a Pakistan based Himalayan salt products company. Because the original salt lamps effectively bring positive change in your health and atmosphere in such ways:

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  • Purify the Air

Himalayan salt is an exceptional hygroscopic substance which involves the process of catching water molecules from the air. These molecules are attached with pollen, dust, mold and even contaminants which pollute the atmosphere. The heat of salt lamp absorbs such molecules and then vapors the negative ions into the air to create a pure and healthy atmosphere.

  • Boost your Energy & Mood

Some studies indicate that the presence of negative ions helps to stimulate serotonin, a chemical involved in mood regulation. As the more an environment is negatively ionized, the more people can receive the benefits. Hence, the role of Himalayan salt lamps is commendable for lifting your mood and energy.

  • Relief the Respiratory Ailments

Another scientifically proven aspect of Himalayan salt; it contains anti-inflammatory quality which treats respiratory issues. In most of the countries, man-made salt caves, salt inhalers, and salt therapies are been provided additional and effective treatments of sinus and asthma patients. Owning a salt lamp for your home or office is a convenient and long-lasting way to deal with breathing issues gradually.

  • Treat Skin Infections

Significantly, the airborne particles and allergies are the target of negative ions. They help to purify the environment from allergies and skin diseases such as rashes, measles, chicken pox, etc. Children who suffer from these seasonal skin problems can have relief with Himalayan salt. Moreover, if you use Himalayan salt in powder form in skin mask and bathtub then it will also exfoliate the dead skin.

  • Regulate the Sleep Cycle

Now, something about the color therapy of amazing Himalayan salt lamps. Typical nightlights are sometimes harsh and artificial in color which affects the production of melatonin hormone. This hormone helps you sleep better by completing its regular cycle. Comparatively, the Himalayan salt night lights give you a soft pink to orange glow which not just sooth your mind but also stimulates the sleep hormone. So, illuminate a calming piece of salt as a lamp or small light in your bedroom.

  • Relief Mental Stress & Fatigue

As our routine life is surrounded by electronics such as television, laptops and most importantly the smartphones. These devices are responsible for emitting electromagnetic radiations which cause mental stress and drowsiness. As an electro-smog combatant, the negative ions released by salt lamps provide protection and keep you away from the feeling of tiredness. So, have a rejuvenating Himalayan salt lamp with you on your table for better working experience.

To conclude, the energy of negative ions is mandatory for our everyday environment. The hold of beneficial negative ions on harmful positive ions is essential for a healthy atmosphere. However, the artificial negative ions generator can alter the natural ionizers in their advantages but utilizing the natural products is such a context is a good way. Thus, a piece of Himalayan rock in form of the salt lamp is exceptional to serve you. This option is truly tremendous which not only negatively ionizes your atmosphere to seek health benefits but also gives an aesthetic and unique look to the interior. Moreover, the available designs and sizes of Himalayan salt lamps provide you ease matching the requirements with use.

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